- Single Buoy Mooring Systems
- LPG Offshore Loading Systems
- Deep Water Mooring
- Mooring Chains, SS Chains, Stud Link Anchor Chain
- Mooring Shackles

High Resistance Chains and Fittings, Anchors, Chasers & Grapnels, Shackles
- Polyamide (Nylon) Ropes, Aramide Ropes (substantially stronger than Nylon)
- Deep Ropes, Pick-up Ropes, Single Point Mooring, Fibers, Tape, Yarn, Strap
- HMPE Round Slings for heavy lifting applications.
- Wire Rope & Fittings, Quayside Furniture
- Marine Lamps, Signal Lanterns, Rotating Beacons
- Bridge and barge Lights, Lamp changers
- Marine Traffic Lighting Systems
- Seamark Power Systems, Radar Reflectors
- Deck Equipment, Chafe Chains
- Fenders and Floats
- Range Lanterns, Signal Lamps, Unitized Systems,
- Polyethylene Buoy, Polyethylene Spar Buoy, Multipurpose and Channel Marker Buoys,
  Deep Water Steel Buoys, Sentinel Multipurpose Buoys
- Sea Beacon Racon all-weather guidance to the mariner,
- Audio beam 2-Mile Fog Signals, AIS A to N Informer,
- Solar Electric Generator, Auto Transformer, Battery Charger, etc