Electrical / Instrumentation


- Industrial UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), Rectifiers and Chargers
- Batteries – Ni-Cd, Lead Acid
- Generators (Diesel and Gas powered) up to 2.3MW
- Switchgear Panels, Accessories (MCB, MCCB, ACB, RCB)
- Cable Management System (Cable Trays, Cable Ladders & Cable Support Systems)
- Relays, Contactors, Junction Box (EExe, EExd, EExi) GRP & SS materials
- Explosion Proof Lighting Fixtures
- Power Transformers (upto 200mVA) & Distribution Transformers (160kVA and above)
- Lightning Eliminators and Surge Protectors
- Cables – Electrical, Instrumentation and Thermocouple
- Electrical Motors and Pump
- Solar Panel System



- Ultrasonic Flow meter (Gas and Liquid)
- Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detectors
- Sampling, Metering and Blending Systems
- Pressure & Temperature Transmitters, Pressure Gauges
- Analyzer Systems (Flue Gas, O2, Sox, Nox, CO2, CO)

- Fusible Plugs, Calibrators

- Flow Computers

- Odourization Systems

- Dynamic Process Simulators, Training and Evaluation Control

- ESD Valves, Control Valves, Solenoid Valves, Pressure Regulators, Electric Actuators,
- Instrument Bulk Industrials, Level Instrument,
CCTV System