Laboratory & Analytical Process

- General Laboratory Items, Glassware and Plasticware.
- Turnkey Laboratories
- Analytical Balances & Industrial Balances
- Density & Concentration measurement, Viscosity, Rheometers, Microwave sample
- Water Baths, Ultrasonic Baths, Thermoregulators, Temp. Calibration Baths, Molecular
- Dissolved Oxygen Analysers in ppb range, Oxygen Analyzers, pH, Turbidity, TDS/Salinity,
- Instruments for Quality control of Oil, Mud & Cement, Water, Gas and Food Laboratories.
- Particle size Analyzers, Dry and wet Analysis
- Laboratory Gas Generator for Air, Hydrogen, Nitrogen etc.
- Photometer, Spectrophotomer, BOD, COD, Incubators, Lab refrigerators.
- Safety Emergency Showers, Safety Cabinets, safety equipments, Fumehoods, Air pollution
- Laboratory safety spillage items
- Chromatography Products
- Laboratory information systems software (LIMS)
- General Laboratory Equipment & Materials.