Supporting Manufacturers      


Complete line of Limit switches and valve Positioners.
Shop and field fabricated fiberglass tanks. Field service repairs.

3 and 4 way electric solenoids.
Complete line of ball valves and backflow preventers.
Complete line of controls and switches.
Large pneumatic and electric valve actuators.
150-4500 carbon and alloy steel gates, globes and checks.

Knife gate valve for slurry service, FGD specialist.

Large bore high energy gates, globes and non-return valve.
Gates, globes and checks valves.
Steel and alloy sleeved plug valves.
Turbine trip and throttle valves.
Cartridge seated rubber lined butterfly valves.
800 through 4500 ANSI forged steel gates, globes and checks.

Large transformers, switch gear and motors.
High energy gate, globes, checks and no returns.
Rubber lined and high performance butterfly valves.
Gas Transmission ball valves, standard LP ball Valves.

Complete line gates, globes, checks and ball valve, any material.
High end ball valves.
Knife gates.
Rubber expansion joints.
Complete line of switches.
All SS and Ductile Iron pneumatic and hydraulic actuators.
150-2500 ANSI gate, globes and checks.
Stainless steel gates, globes and checks.
Complete line of tank level equipment.
Low pressure gate, globes and checks.
High end lined FRP pipe for FGD and other slurry services.
Pneumatic and electric actuation along with field service.
Knife gates valves.
Now part of Bonnet Forge.
Specialty control valves with an “N” stamp.
Double door wafer check valves.
Parent company of many of our valve lines.

Manufacturer of high end, “Zero Leakage” metal seated ball valves.
Triple off set metal seated butterfly valves.
Complete line of boiler trim products.


Instrument valves, manifolds & instrumentation protection systems 

Gauges, thermometers, thermowells, Brook purge meters, mass flow controller valves, controllers, pressure sensors 

Relays limit switches, programmable controllers, timers, sensors Amot valves & controls for engines, turbines & compressors

Valves & controls for engines, turbines & compressors

Rotary control valve, v port ball valve, butterfly valve, knife gate valve, Desuperheater

Pressure gauges, manometer, pressure switches, transmitters, flow switches, flow meter, pilot tube

Liquid level, flow and pressure sensors

Sensors, switches, control systems & instrumentation for measuring pressure
Climate control, industrial solutions, air compressors, compressed air machinery
Valves, diesel machinery parts

No Welding, No Leaks, No Kidding

Cryogenic, water and general valves

Controllers, flow switches, indicators, vibration switches

Positive displacement reciprocating plunger piston and diaphragm pumps for chemical injection





Vacuum pumps stainless steel, iron
Pressure temperature, adjustable pressure switches



Extensive range of pneumatic components & accessories

Temperature measurement & control, flow & level 

Manifold valves, 3 way valves




Pressure, temperature, level and flow instruments


Skinner - 2, 3, & 4 way solenoid vales for fluid power and fluid control systems


Pressure switch, level switch, temperature and flow switch for process instrumentation
Drain/sampling valves, wash-down equipment hoses, hose reels

Pneumatic valves in brass, stainless steel, aluminum

Pumps, strainers, flow control systems

Control valves, gas products, cylinder, crude oil samplers, injection systems
Gauges, thermometers, instrumentation

Industrial automation. Test and measurement, semi-conductor testing marine instrument.